Rent a Tesla in Paris with a professional driver


Be one of the first people in Paris to experience the Tesla Model S, the 400 hp, 100% electric sport sedan that’s redefining automotive luxury.

A true symbol of disruptive technology, designed and built in California, the Tesla Model S will transport you in a world of silence.

Take advantage of our chauffeur package for airport transfers, Loire Valley day tours, or 4 to 8-hours flat rate in Paris.

For prospective and future owners, we designed « The Tesla Experience » to help you choose which version of Model S is best for you, and which options will suit your driving style. You’ll explore its advanced features in depth and discover the secrets of worry-free electric driving.

You’ll be taken care of by Eric, a former RS4 460hp Safety Car driver for the Audi RS Club in France, who drives over 6 000 kms per month with the Tesla S 85.

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