Tesla Experience

You are thinking about buying a Tesla Model S, but you have lots of questions about its real range, charging solutions at home or on the road, the different options available, and many more?  Before spending up to €120,000 you ought to get the answers!

To help you get them, we’ve designed three packages tuned to different stages of your Tesla experience.



Discovery  : two hours and 70 km in real conditions

An introduction to the Model S, with an experienced driver who will explain the car’s main features, the different options available and help you with your buying decision.  It’s like an ‘FAQ’, but with a real person driving in the Model S!

Exploration  : three hours and 150 km in real conditions

You’ve just purchased your Model S, you’ve had the one hour introduction by the « Delivery Expert », but now you have a ton of questions:

  • How do I close the Frunk (front trunk) without damaging it
  • How do I save your driver profile ?
  • How do I set the automatic mirror tilt in reverse mode ?
  • What’s the best combination of displays on the large screen ?
  • How do I find and add my favorite HD radio stations ?
  • How (and why) do I to reboot the screens ?
  • What is the best regen mode ?
  • Can I install a complete spare wheel ?
  • What do the four colors of the LED Charge Port mean ?

The Exploration will answer all of these questions and more.


Deep Dive  : two hours and 150 km in real conditions

You are now a seasoned owner, you have dozens of trips under your belt and you want to take it to the next level:

  • How do I start my Tesla when the remote’s battery is dead ?
  • What’s the meaning of the yellow dotted line that appears randomly on the speedometer ?
  • How do I activate the emergency brake ?
  • What are the best equipment and cleaning techniques to use at home ?
  • What about hyper-miling techniques and recommended apps & sites ?

You can also send in a list of your specific questions in advance once the session is booked and confirmed.